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Open API for Payers

Accurate provider directories

up-front price transparency

Healthcare provider directories are riddled with doctors who have moved, changed work locations, changed affiliations, or are no longer accepting new patients. Accuracy depends on both providers and payer plans being proactive.

Medlio works with payers to solve healthcare providers' greatest challenge today - Patient bad debt due to lack of true price transparency*. In the process we work with healthcare providers to ensure highly accurate and current information which we share back with all payer directories.

Only providers can solve directory data

Only payers can solve price transparency

Medlio connects them

*True price transparency is a patient's actual cost for an encounter. The actual cost is based on the patient's current benefits status, including any associated accruals, the contracted rates between the payer and the provider rendering the service, and the specific services rendered by the provider. Price transparency is not based on historical averages.


Getting started with the Medlio API is easy as pie. The documentation is your roadmap to getting started. Gain easy access to over 4.3 million healthcare providers across the nation. 

By using the Medlio API you’ll be able to:

  • Enable up-front cost estimates to your provider network (using provider-defined CPT care bundles) 
  • Find in-network provider directory results for a geographically-oriented search
  • Sort results by the best match for the query, location, or distance
  • Limit results to those providers in a particular network, and display information including Provider demographics, Locations, Contact information, Specialty(ies), Medical group, Institutional affiliations, and whether they’re accepting new patients for any particular plan

The API uses a standard, secure authorization protocol (OAuth 1.0a, xAuth) for authenticating requests and offers various API methods. This overview covers API methods and responses for both the Search and Provider API, authentication, and code samples.

Widget & Mobile App

Licensing is available for white-label virtual health insurance card, Find-A-Doc search API, or complete mobile applications.

  • Serves as the entrypoint for member-engaging functionality from scheduling to messaging to mobile payments and more
  • Builds the connections between all of your network’s resources so you know who your providers are, where they are, and if they're accepting new patients.
  • Makes it easy for your network to find and refer in-network with an accurate, transparent, and actively updated mobile physician directory.